• Other available optional equipment for positioning: Support tables and stoppers
  • System for punching holes in a straight line: Flip Stop
  • Options to increase shear productivity: Electric Stop, Actuation
  • Shearing blades
  • Notching blades

Geka Accessories

  • GEKA has a wide range of optional accessories that are easily installed, for the punching, cutting and notching stations that will allow you to increase your production levels and shorten your delivery deadlines.
  • These accessories, available in stock, provide our customers with a fast and economical solution to their needs.
  • Punching
  • Section cutting
  • Notching
  • Bending

Others include
•T profile cutting, round and square bar cropping
• Equipment for cutting U and I profiles
• Oversize punching unit up to diam. 100mm
• Triangular notching unit
• Rectangular notching unit
• Claw equipment
• Tube notching unit
• Hydraulic hold-down for angles and flats
• Punching unit UPN from 40 to 80mm
• Urethane stripper
• Punching at the end of tube
• Triple punching head fix
• Standard press brake
• Longitudinal press brake
• Oversize punching unit up to diam. 160mm

More Information

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