At PPT, we specialize in providing top-quality fiber laser consumables essential for maintaining and enhancing laser system performance. Our inventory includes cutting-edge components such as Raytool and Precitec heads, meticulously crafted to ensure precise beam control and superior functionality.

Raytool heads are revered for their exceptional cutting and welding capabilities, while Precitec heads offer unparalleled precision and reliability in laser processes. These heads are compatible with renowned fiber laser systems like IPG and Raycus, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance.

Complementing these heads are our premium focusing lenses and collimating lenses, which play pivotal roles in optimizing laser beams. Focusing lenses concentrate laser beams for pinpoint accuracy during cutting, engraving, or welding tasks, while collimating lenses maintain beam parallelism, ensuring consistent efficiency and beam quality throughout the laser system.

At PPT, we prioritize quality and reliability in our fiber laser consumables, empowering industries to achieve remarkable precision and efficiency in various applications. Trust us to deliver superior components that maximize the capabilities of your fiber laser systems.

PPT supplies a wide range of Fiber laser consumables such as

Ceramic body-
Protective lens-