Geka Services

  • Steel structure table body to ensure durability and precision.
  • Dual driving system on Y, linear bearing, helical rack and pinion drive
  • Precision control from Hypertherm Edge Connect digital technology
  • 17” touchscreen display, with a functional user interface
  • Separate driving system on X-axis with covered linear bearing, rack and pinion
  • Electric limits on Y, the machine stops at ends. Safe for machine and operator
  • Automatic Hypertherm torch height controller on the Z axis
  • Higher speed and high precision capable of MaxPro200, HPR, XPR
  • Strong body with air extraction system
  • Caution light for operator and machine safety
  • Complete Hypertherm shapes library

More Information

Hugong CNCT cutting using Hypertherm XPR300

  1. CNC Controller
    Hypertherm Micro EDGE
    • 15” Touchscreen
    • ProArc operator console
  1. Plasma system recommend
    High Precision, HyDefinition plasma
  1. Torch Station
    1 Plasma only
  1. Repeatability
  1. Come with fume collection table (Standard)
    With unique air flow passage
  1. Precision linear way
    With copper plug for a durable lifetime
  1. Compact Design
    Minimum floor space with a maximum cutting area



Down Draft
• Zoned downdraft bed for efficient fume extraction
• Easy to remove dross trays for removing scrap metal quickly
• Lift out cutting deck

Water Table
• Water tray for efficient control of sparks and fumes
• Removable stainless steel splash guards for side rail protection
• Large drain and tap for quick and easy emptying