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  • BENDICROP 60S  14,550 Euro or $25,526 NZD + freight + GST   [freight at cost]

Alternatively, PPT will configure a GEKA Hydracrop or Bendicrop to meet your requirement.

PPT will trade an existing GEKA provided it is in a suitable condition.

Geka Bendicrop Series

The BENDICROP models have the same workstations as the HYDRACROP, but these machines also have a permanent bending station.

The machines are therefore more complete than conventional ironworkers because they can perform bending tasks in a simple and safe way.

Bendicrop 50,  hydraulic ironworker machine with 1 cylinder and a bending station.

Bendicrop 60, hydraulic ironworker machine with 2 cylinders and a bending station.

Bendicrop 85, hydraulic ironworker machine with bending station and system to avoid distortions when cutting plates.

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GEKA - Bendicrop 60

GEKA BENDICROP 85SD with Semipaxy

Capacities based on a material resistance of 65,000 tensile
– The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications without prior notice




The Semipaxy product line brings the newest CNC automation and positioning technology to steel punching. This unit is equipped with programmable stops along the X- and Y-Axis





The PAX product line guarantees the automated positioning of material along the X-Axis permitting sequential multiple punching of profiles.




Compatible tooling & consumables

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