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  • Hydracrop 80S 14,590 Euro or $25,600 NZD + freight + GST   [freight at cost]

Alternatively, PPT will configure a GEKA Hydracrop or Bendicrop to meet your requirement.

PPT will trade an existing GEKA provided it is in a suitable condition.

Geka Hydracrop Series

GEKA two-cylinder punching shears are very versatile machines with the capacity to transform all different types of sections and steel flat bars.

Two operators can use these ironworkers simultaneously, doubling production capacity. The HYDRACROP family has 5 workstations and 5 tonnage levels.

Two hydraulic cylinders ironworker with two simultaneous work stations and five work stations such as:

  • Punching
  • Notching
  • Shear of flatbars
  • Shear of iron section L at 90º
  • Cut of round and square bars

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Geka Hydracrop

GEKA ALRS (CNC Feeder) with new control

Capacities based on a material resistance of 65,000 tensile
– The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications without prior notice





  • Machines driven by two cylinders.
  • 5 workstations, fitted with tools for L, shearing, round and square bars, rectangular notching and punching
  • Quick change punch
  • Flat bar shearing table with adjustable guides
  • 2 simultaneous workstations
  • Greater speed backed by a powerful hydraulic unit.
  • Special equipment for approaching at reduced pressure and slow speed.
  • Precision punching table with X & Y measuring stops.
  • Precision notching table with X & Y measuring stops
  • Ready for production pack comprising:
    • One meter “touch & cut” length stop with fine adjusting.
    • Lamp for enhanced vision of cutting zones.
    • 10 sets of round punches and dies.


  • The same features as the S version, but with a deeper throat for a larger plate and sheet metal applications.

Punching station dimensions



The Semipaxy product line brings the newest CNC automation and positioning technology to steel punching. This unit is equipped with programmable stops along the X- and Y-Axis





The PAX product line guarantees the automated positioning of material along the X-Axis permitting sequential multiple punching of profiles.







The ALRS product line is an automated feeder of flat bar, available as part of an option package for our HYDRACROP (except 55 tons model) shearing stations.





Compatible tooling & consumables

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