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2000W Air-cooled Handheld Laser Welder- Cleaner

G W Laser Tech – 2000w Air cooled fiber laser Welder & Cutter

(Cleaner- Optional Extra)

This Air cooled Fiber Laser Welder and cutter offer following advantage

  • MAX output power 2000W
  • 976nm pump technology ,high efficiency WPE ≥42%
  • Simple pendulum welding head, adjustable welding width
  • Weight <60kg, compact design ,small size
  • Air cooling technology, ultra energy-saving
  • Triple safety protection, build-in air pressure monitoring.
  • Different material : Mild steel , Stainless steel , Aluminum , Copper, Brass , etc .

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5mm SS welding with wire

Cleaner- Optional Extra


Higher Efficiency
  • Independent intellectual property rights 976nm high-efficiency energy-saving technology,high-brightness single-module laser technology
  • New air-cooled technology platform architecture, active refrigerant type heat dissipation

  • The weight and volume are better than water cooled hand-held laser welding machine, and the volume is about 1/4, the weight is about 1/3 of it
  • Extremely lightweight body, so that the application scene has nearly doubled, take it with you, plug and play (220V)
  • The integrated body design conforms to ergonomics and improves the mobile reliability of the whole machine

Easy to Operate
  • Compared with operating traditional welding machines, novice welders do not need a lot of time training and experience accumulation, and only need a few hours of learning to get started easily
  • The machine presets 55 sets of commonly used welding parameters, which can be quickly switched to the best welding parameters according to different materials and thickness.
  • Set parameters through the panel, the operation is very intuitive and concise, and can be customized and saved at the same time
Better performance
  • In different materials and thickness, better welding effect, without distortion, undercut or burn-through.
  • The process is smooth and beautiful, deep penetration, small deformation, no need for subsequent processing

Improve Efficiency
  • Compared with the traditional welding method, it has unparalleled speed advantage, and the efficiency can reach nearly 10 times in some scenarios.
  • The welding seam is beautiful and has no deformation, which improves the one-time pass rate of the workpiece, only a small amount of solder splashes, reduces the subsequent grinding and polishing process, improves the pass rate, improves efficiency, reduces waste, and reduces the cost of workpieces


The laser welding machine is widely used in making kitchen cabinets, staircase elevator, shelf, oven, stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel furniture, and other industries.

Compatible tooling & consumables

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