Hugong CNCT – CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Steel structure table body to ensure durability and precision.
  • Dual driving system on Y, linear bearing, helical rack and pinion drive
  • Precision control from Hypertherm Edge Connect digital technology
  • 17” touchscreen display, with a functional user interface
  • Separate driving system on X-axis with covered linear bearing, rack and pinion
  • Electric limits on Y, the machine stops at ends. Safe for machine and operator
  • Automatic Hypertherm torch height controller on the Z axis
  • Higher speed and high precision capable of MaxPro200, HPR, XPR
  • Strong body with air extraction system
  • Caution light for operator and machine safety
  • Complete Hypertherm shapes library

More Information

Hugong CNCT cutting using Hypertherm XPR300- 10mm MS

Hugong CNCT cutting using Hypertherm XPR300 - 20mm MS

Design and Operation Specification - Air Suction/ Water Table
Plasma power source Hypertherm Powermax series/HyPerformance plasma
Machine structure & operation Longitudinal drive is via dual drive servos
Rail and beams are unique in design & operation
CNCT has strong steel structure which endures long working life
Robust design
CNC controller Hypertherm Edge Connect Controller
CNC monitor 17" Touch Screen
Drive system - Rail- X axis Dual drive, Panasonic AC Servo motors, 750w
Drive system - Transverse- Y axis Panasonic AC Servo motors, 750w
Gear box Neugart high-performance gear box
Rail on X and Y Linear rails with lubrication system
Torch Height Controller (THC) Automatic THC with Panasonic AC Servo
Nesting software FastCAM CAD CAM Software for Plasma and Oxy. It is a total NC solution for 2D steel shape nesting and cutting; FastCAM allows people at a shop floor level to start profile cutting with the minimum of training. The FastCAM System has been designed to draw, nest and cut metal as simply and efficiently as possible FastCAM can read or convert DXF, DWG, DSTV/NC1, StruCAD, IGES and PDF file formats. Provides additional functions such as Keft compensarion, plasma bridge, common line cutting, CAD layers etc. Ease of use is as important as the high levels of materials utilization and optimization the software provides
Dust Extraction Air suction table/ Water table
Parts collection trolley Included with the machine
Bellow covers
Emergency stops
Limit switches
Torch collision retraction system
Laser pointer for easy positioning
  • CNC controller: American, European and Hugong brand options
  • Automatic TCH: Hypertherm and Hugong brand options
  • Servo Motor: Panasonic
  • Gear Box: German Brand Neugart
  • Linear Rail: TBI or HIWIN
  • Relay: Omron
  • Breaker: Schneider
  • Nesting Software Options: l Australian: FastCAM PRO l American: SigmaNest American: Hypertherm Turbonest l American: Hypertherm ProNest
Model CNCT
Power supply(V,Hz) 230 , 50
Input capacity(KW) 3
Cutting width(mm)- options 1500, 2000
Cutting length(mm)- options 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
CNC controller- options Hypertherm or Hugong brand
CNC controller 15''/17'' Touchscreen monitor, USB port
Cutting model Plasma (Flame is optional)
Travel speed(mm/min) 12,000
Accuracy(mm) Positioning: 0.5/1000, Repeatability: 0.2/1000
Torch height controller (THC) Automatic THC
Plasma options Powermax series, Maxpro200, HPRXD
Nesting software Optional



Down Draft
• Zoned downdraft bed for efficient fume extraction
• Easy to remove dross trays for removing scrap metal quickly
• Lift out cutting deck

Water Table
• Water tray for efficient control of sparks and fumes
• Removable stainless steel splash guards for side rail protection
• Large drain and tap for quick and easy emptying

Compatible tooling & consumables

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