Hugong Intecut HT– CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Steel structure table body to ensure durability and precision.
  • Dual driving system on Y, linear bearing, rack and pinion system
  • Electric limits on Y, the machine stops at ends. Safe for machine and operator
  • Separate driving system on X-axis with linear bearing, rack and pinion system.
  • Electric limits on Y, the machine stops at ends. Safe for machine and operator
  • Automatic torch height controller on the Z axis
  • Higher speed and higher precision
  • Strong body to hold water bed table
  • Caution light for operator and machine safety
  • Cable chain on X and on Y to protect cables
  • Loading can be by part or full sheet.
  • 17” display, with a functional user interface
  • 44 built-in Shapes in controller library
  • USB

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Model INTECUT-HT 1530
Power Voltage 230V, 50HZ
Input power 180W
Effective Cutting Width (mm) 1550
Effective Cutting Length (mm): 3050
Installation space 2730*3830mm
Max speed (mm/min) 8000
CNC controller HG613 with 17'' monitor
Dust Extraction Water Table
Pinion and track Helical type
Rail on X and Y Linear rail
Gantry Rail protection Bellows
Plasma power System Hypertherm Powermax series
Automatic THC for plasma and flame Hugong THC
Max Cutting speed (mm/min) Based on plasma power source
Plasma cutting thickness(mm)
INTECUT-HT Design & Operating Specification
Machine structure & operation INTECUT HT has strong steel structure, which endures long working life
Longitudinal drive is via a dual driving system
Rail and beam are Hugong unique design.
Driving system Longitudinal drive by stepper motors
CNC Controller HG613 controller provides professional functions, 17'' screen , in built shape library
Motion software built in HG613 supports both flame and plasma cutting.
Many standby functions to improve cutting quality and speed, such as scale, rotation, mirror, nest, Etc.
Standard Nesting software - FastCAM Pro FastCAM Australian software is very experienced in flame and plasma cutting process.
FastCAM offers Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian etc. languages
FastCAM provides FastCAM drawing, FastNEST auto Nesting, FastPATH auto pathing and FastPLOT verification.
FastCAM reads and edits DXF/DWG drawings. FastNEST supports AUTO nesting.FastPATH supports auto pathing.
FastPLOT transfer NC codes between drawings automatically. NC codes are easily to be imported into HG612.
Provides cutting functions: Kerf compensation, plasma bridge, and common line cutting, corners, CAD layers, word label, Etc.
USB port A USB port is mounted on the INTECUT face panel
Plasma signal connector Plasma connector is easy to handle.
Torch holder Torch holder is designed to holding both a flame or plasma torch.


Down Draft
• Zoned downdraft bed for efficient fume extraction
• Easy to remove dross trays for removing scrap metal quickly
• Lift out cutting deck

Water Table
• Water tray for efficient control of sparks and fumes
• Removable stainless steel splash guards for side rail protection
• Large drain and tap for quick and easy emptying

Compatible tooling & consumables

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