ProArc Master Series

ProArc Master series is a versatile and reliable gantry cutting machine. Master series is designed to be a stable and cost-effective product to meet the needs of all cutting sizes. It enables every business to be more productive with plasma and oxyfuel cutting systems. ProArc Master is a high-performance machine for quality production cutting.

More Information

  • Rigid structure
  • Advanced CNC Controller
  • Built with operator platform
    Flip down chair design suitable for production and maximize operation space
  • Accuracy
  • Precision linear way
    With copper cover for durable lifetime
  • Torch Station
    Maximum: 1 Plasma + 6 Oxyfuel torch
  • Rail
    37kg/m precision grinding I-rail
    3M per section
  • Gas control system for Oxyfuel cutting
    High pressure copper pipes
    Long life and safe
  • Sealed cable chain for better protection
  • High performance control system
  • Reliable gas distribution system
  • Comfortable operating area
  • Ease of use
  • Safe operation
  • Clean operating environment

Sequential extraction system

Compatible tooling & consumables

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