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Alternatively, PPT will configure a GEKA Hydracrop or Bendicrop to meet your requirement.

PPT will trade an existing GEKA provided it is in a suitable condition.

Geka Microcrop, Minicrop & Multicrop

The single cylinder series has three models namely  Microcrop, Minicrop and Multicrop.

  • This compact and economic machines which are also very versatile and productive.
  • This line is made up of 3 models that run from 36T to 45T.
  • They are equipped with the classic workstations such as punching, notching, cutting Ø, cutting angles and flat bars.
  • This model is equipped with the aforementioned workstations, and an additional bending station, which is compliant with CE standards.
  • The MINICROP and MULTICROP have been fitted with a patented floating blade for cutting section iron without any deformation of the material.

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GEKA IRON-WORKER - Product Range

Geka Minicrop 45 demo

Capacities based on a material resistance of 65,000 tensile
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